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Great food and well prepared

Liz , 22 May 2020

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I am a fussy sushi eater who used to live in Japan. This sushi is great quality and taste. I'll definitely be back. Thank you.

Victoria , 11 May 2020

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Still use your service guys. Be healthy. Thanks a lot.

Alex, 19 Apr 2020

Very nice and fresh

Inga, 18 Apr 2020

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Super nice and fresh

Inga, 18 Apr 2020

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Very nice staff

Rocio, 29 Mar 2020

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They apologised for a previous mistake and gave us a free set of sushi. If I need to be honeat I didn't expect it but the manager called me after the mistake and said they will do something special dor us on our next order. Definitely they cares about the customers The sushi is very tasty. Thank you

Greta, 08 Mar 2020

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I just get my shushi and I am a bit disappointed. I've ordered large salmon and tuna mixed box but I have only few pieces with tuna and 13 pieces with salmon. My husband loves salmon but I don't, so I will be still hungry this evening. Thanks. I don't have sticks as well.

Greta, 29 Feb 2020


Sergej, 03 Jan 2020

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Thank you

Radion, 19 Dec 2019

best sushi in ilford

Sergej, 14 Dec 2019

Had a great meal last time thanks

Andy, 13 Nov 2019

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Radion, 03 Nov 2019

Rectified an issue i had on my last delivery! Great customer service and the sushi is 10/10!

Warren, 26 Oct 2019

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Fast and really delicious sushi

Irina, 18 Oct 2019

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Corneliu Midoni, 13 Oct 2019

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I've been before and it was really tasty!

Andrew, 05 Oct 2019

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As always the service and food are excellent . Have recommended this restaurant to all my friends and family!

Cintia, 13 Sep 2019

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amazing food 10 min late for delivery, but was great

Ema, 18 Aug 2019

  Reply : Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope you understand. Thank you..

very good

Dominika, 28 Jul 2019

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Great efficient service as always and did very well to remember me and my order too

Michael , 09 Jul 2019

They apologised for a previous mistake and gave me a discount. Great service and food!

Timoteo, 06 Jul 2019

Amazing food. The standard and quality is unbelievable and the presentation is amazing!

Cintia, 04 Jul 2019

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Food was late, no chopsticks no soy sauce.

Timoteo, 03 Jul 2019

  Reply : Dear MR Timoteo, we are very sorry for the inconvenience happen to you. We are willing to compensate the way you want. And will be careful for next time. Please call us directly for any inconvenience. We do apologize once again. Thank you.

very good services

Shakera Choudhury, 03 Jul 2019

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Very obliging and accommodating, as well as friendly and understanding too.

Michael Khoury, 28 Jun 2019

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